The skin of a youthful hand is clear, has an even tone, good volume and elasticity. Veins and tendons will be subtle but still visible on the back of the hand. Due to the natural process of aging, genetics and sun damage, the skin becomes dry with a loss of elasticity and volume. This loss of volume in the hand from atrophy or wasting of the muscles leads to thinning of the fingers, prominence of the knuckles, veins and tendons.


Technical information

Dermex group believes the goal of hand rejuvenation is to restore a more youthful appearance of the patient’s hands. This can be done by a highly qualifies aesthetic practitioner using a fine needle to administer multiple injections that insert dermal filler. This instantly works by restoring the loss of volume and reducing the appearance of prominent veins on the backs of the hands.

Customer Testimonials

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Krishna K
I previously had a bad experience with another aesthetic company. I felt they coerced me into having more treatment than necessary, used cheap products and left me with poor results. I was apprehensive to get my treatment done again but a friend recommended Dermex Group. I decided to get in contact and have an initial consultation. I’m so glad I made that decision. I felt a warm welcome immediately and realised that the doctors within this company are aiming to build long-term relationships with clients. This meant that they didn’t rush me into treatments, used the best products and made sure I was over the moon with my result.
Jess S
Dr. Nawaz is professional and kind; a rare combination in today’s medical professionals. He is also responsive to phone calls and is surrounded by extremely helpful staff.
Maureen C
Dr. Nawaz explained everything about the procedure. He listened to my concerns, answered my questions. Overall I had complete confidence in him. I’m so thankful my husband took me to Dr. Nawaz. I was very confident in him. Now I feel and look more attractive. My husband is excited about my look and shows it. I feel better about myself. I feel & look years younger and people tell me so.
Klaudia B
I am pleased and so thankful that I was referred to Dr Nawaz at the Dermex Group; he is a miracle worker in my opinion! From my first visit I have been very pleased with his caring attention and excellent surgical skills. He is by far the best in his field, I have had other non-surgical procedures performed but never by any as qualified as Dr. Nawaz. Future patients can expect to be pleased with the results of such expertise.