Loss of volume in the cheeks can be extremely problematic as this can impact a person’s overall appearance. This volume loss can cause a downward shift, prominent jowls and a permanent unhappy/exhausted appearance. Hyaluronic dermal fillers can be inserted into the cheeks to restructure the face to improve the volume, provide a face lift and add definition to cheekbones.


Technical information

A specialist practitioner will carefully inject hyaluronic dermal filler within the anatomically safe zones of the cheek. This substance is carefully formulated so it attracts and retains water whilst initially being pliable. The skilled practitioner will also massage the area to provide the desired result, ensuring the cheeks are enhanced, smooth and to avoid exaggerated harsh angles

Customer Testimonials

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Rubey L
Dr. Nawaz is the king of lips. I’m in love with these new beauties! MWAH xx.
Maureen C
Dr. Nawaz explained everything about the procedure. He listened to my concerns, answered my questions. Overall I had complete confidence in him. I’m so thankful my husband took me to Dr. Nawaz. I was very confident in him. Now I feel and look more attractive. My husband is excited about my look and shows it. I feel better about myself. I feel & look years younger and people tell me so.
Rachel B
Dr. Nawaz was amazing about informing me of my procedure. He is very knowledgeable and truthful. I love my results. This procedure was by far the best thing that I could have done for myself. He is a fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone! He is very knowledgeable and truthful. I love the results.
Phung T
It was great. It was my first time having any type of non-surgical procedure and everyone made me very comfortable and answered all questions politely no matter how many times I called! I strongly recommend Dermex Group. I am actually thinking of getting more work done and will definitely be going back.